People living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease need high-level and specialised care to maintain and preserve their quality of life as well as ensure their safety.

Family members typically care for loved ones with early-stage and mid-stage Alzheimer’s, but the effects of the disease can overwhelm them when it reaches the later stages.

This is the time when professional Alzheimer’s care options are often sought after. There are many different types of Alzheimer’s care options ranging from home care services, live-in care to professional care. Knowing which Alzheimer’s care option is best for your loved one can be very confusing, intimidating and emotional. The disease stage and your loved one’s specific care needs will determine what type of Alzheimer’s care option you choose.




Livewell Estates are a specialist family of dementia and Alzheimer’s care facilities based in South Africa, specialising in personalised and tailored care.